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Do you consider internet presentation to be a BIG opportunity for you? You are right!

Internetová reklama zvýši návštevnosť Vašich stránok
  • According to the latest researches by 2012 are 43% of retail revenues going to be earned via internet
  • 83% of businesses use internet to investigate and seek for possible suppliers

source: L. Loveday & S.Niehaus, "Web design for ROI", New Riders 2008


75% of internet users suppose their impression about company credibility is based on their website design


There are many factors affecting success of an internet solution - top look, simple orientation, well arranged important content elements, text quality... That is why we focus on statistical and analytical evaluation of key factors like strong logic of your website but also detailed customer analysis.

  • We give you solution based on relevant knowledge, customer exploration, competitive environment and actual trends in internet marketing
Tvorba internetových obchodov


Get an e-shop that makes money for itself (fast)

Nowadays e-shops are basically "in". Return on a well-developed e-shop investment is almost guaranteed. Furthermore, you can rely on our experience and analytical background of each solution provided.

Assure yourself about graphic, user and also technological innovativeness of our e-shops.

  • Get not only more customers but primarily more visitor-to-customer conversions.
  • We always create technologically and designly the most modern solution possible for the price of common e-shop
  • After an e-shop is launched we measure its long-standing performance and effectiveness until it reaches return on investment required.

more info about e-commerce SOLUTIONS and e-shop development

Individuálne reklamné a prezentačné riešenia

Portal and individual solutions

We always offer professional individual solutions - business websites, corporate websites and also huge portals counting daily visits in thousands

Does not matter what your business plan is like - our long-term experience and know-how will always help you reach your goals. One of the most successful portals we have created is pricemania.sk - actual number two within Slovak price comparing portals that has an ambition to become number one. However you can find many other bigger or smaller successful websites and portals in our portfolio as well.

  • Our long-standing experience guarantees your success
  • We use latest technologies and innovative practices to create your portal
  • We are capable of fulfilling any of your individual criteria and requirements

more info about portal and individual SOLUTIONS development

CMS a e-commerce systémy na správu obsahu

 E-commerce and CMS - content management systems

Literally everything might be under your control 

If you are searching for simple methods of product administration in your e-shop, possibilities of creating new categories, adding articles or banner places administration, then you will appreciate promptness, complexity, and intuitiveness of our e-commerce system RSHOP. For real estate agencies we offer specially modified version called RieReal.

For common websites we offer content management system BLADE_CMS that enables simple editing of anything you need. Furthermore BLADE_CMS allows modifying basic SEO parameters for each webpage and also for website itself.

  • Edit, write, delete and move anything you want anytime
  • Plenty of additional functions like photo gallery and video administration
  • Advanced ON-PAGE SEO options

more info about e-commerce anD cms systems

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Our customers said
Prečítajte si názory našich zákazníkov
Viera Klementová
Director for Slovakia,
Slovak-Czech women found

„The idea of Slovak-Czech women found to show off strong women from Slovak non-governmental organizations got a new dimension after RIESENIA.com got involved. RIESENIA.com assisted us to share the impressions from photo exhibition among 4 Slovak cities and attractively present profile of interesting women at the web site www.superzeny.sk Cooperation with RIESENIA.com team was fast, friendly and creative – exactly the way our non-profit organization needed.“

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