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Analytic SEO services - SEO audits, analysis and accessibility audits

SEO means fighting with competitors for the most attractive positions at search engines. For overall success we need to know the "enemy" with his tactics and develop adequate optimization strategy


Overview of analytical SEO services and audits

You have a website and want to increase number of relevant visitors by SEO? We create long-term strategy for optimization building in the way it brings you provable results.
  • Development of complex SEO strategy
    The output is detailed characteristics of fundamental tasks and practices (ranked by importance) necessary for as effective SEO building as possible. Furthermore it includes also practices and advices for keeping reached positions at the lowest costs possible.
    Contains SEO audit, Analysis of competitors in search engines, Analysis of back links
  • Deep SEO audit of the website
    Audit assigned for large websites and large e-shops with a big amount of potential key words. It detects all defects and limitations of the website that prevent high positions of your links in search engines. We suggest possibilities of their elimination. This service also contains suggestions for improving landing pages so that conversions' effectiveness is maximal. 
    Deep SEO audit contains also key words analysis 
  • Basic SEO audit of the website
    Audit assigned for small to medium sized websites and e-shops. We evaluate current SEO quality, positions actually reached at search engine and suggest practices for elimination of defects that lower your links' positions at search engines.
    Basic SEO audit contains also key words analysis 
  • Keywords analysis
    Key words analysis identifies the most searched words related to content of your website, analysis of their competitiveness and level of difficulty connected with getting prominent positions.
  • Back links analysis
    The number and quality of the links is one of the most important factors of SEO optimization. Link analysis will bring you detailed overview of portals and websites appropriate for potential link location and also costs of certain links. Analysis contains recommendations for effective  back links building network as well.
  • SEO analysis of competitors in search engines
    This analysis focuses on internet competitors identification, surveys their SEO optimization quality and analyzes their strengths and weaknesses.

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Prečítajte si názory našich zákazníkov
Viera Klementová
Director for Slovakia,
Slovak-Czech women found

„The idea of Slovak-Czech women found to show off strong women from Slovak non-governmental organizations got a new dimension after RIESENIA.com got involved. RIESENIA.com assisted us to share the impressions from photo exhibition among 4 Slovak cities and attractively present profile of interesting women at the web site www.superzeny.sk Cooperation with RIESENIA.com team was fast, friendly and creative – exactly the way our non-profit organization needed.“

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