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We Offer SEO (search engine optimization) services for common sized web pages and e-shops. Firstly we make analysis of key words and SEO audit of website, which we use to build ideal strategy for web optimization. Afterwards for 6 months we keep on building and improving SEO quality and elevate positions of your links for relevant keywords and phrases search.

We divide the service into two parts - analytic (optimization and effective strategy developing, audits) and long-term SEO optimization building services (optimization executing according to developed strategy)

SEO results after 6 months

  • Cardinal growth of relevant visitors via search engines
  • Growth of relevant visitors via backlinks
  • Improved e-commerce effectivness of the website, higher online sale revenues and conversion rate
  • Improved relevant keywords positions among search engines
  • Growth of page rank and trust rank of website and important web pages

Optimization building proceeding for common sized websites :

1. Appraisal of current optimization conditions

  • Basic SEO audit of website
  • We analyze relevant key words and forecast their monthly search volume
  • We find out which of them are the ones search engine display your link for and what is their position
  • We identify keywords that are currently bringing you the most revenues
  • We detect all defects and limitations that prevent your website being on high positions and we develop defect elimination plan

2. Evolving accessibility and serviceability audit of your website

  • We make accessibility and serviceability audit of your website

3. Development of Individual SEO strategy suited for your website

  • We determine real short-term and long-term goals (based on consultation with the client)
  • We determine strategy and time plan of reaching the goals
  • We guess the costs necessary for SEO strategy implementation

4. Optimization building based on the SEO strategy

We are actively building mature optimization for next six months following developed SEO strategy. Your search engine positions, number of relevant visitors and also revenues are going to grow gradually

We send you understandable report of reaching goals every second week, so that you can constantly check effectiveness of our work. Any consultations you need are matter of course - we are here for you anytime

Check the methods we usually use when building SEO

When managing SEO optimization in six months we guarantee notable visit rate growth and overall upgrade of functionality of your business plan. Predetermination of expected effects and costs is specified after complex SEO strategy development.


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Prečítajte si názory našich zákazníkov
Viera Klementová
Director for Slovakia,
Slovak-Czech women found

„The idea of Slovak-Czech women found to show off strong women from Slovak non-governmental organizations got a new dimension after RIESENIA.com got involved. RIESENIA.com assisted us to share the impressions from photo exhibition among 4 Slovak cities and attractively present profile of interesting women at the web site www.superzeny.sk Cooperation with RIESENIA.com team was fast, friendly and creative – exactly the way our non-profit organization needed.“

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